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An Expedition of Haze and Thorns 阴霾与荆棘的远征

by WiderFahren

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Mort Productions has all rights to this album, but it is not released.


released May 13, 2011


all rights reserved



WiderFahren Chengdu, China

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Track Name: Memory of the Darklands
I am the one who is the Night
I am the one who lives with your blood
I am the one above the mortality
I am the one you'll across me

In the dark you head towards the Vast land
where the wind blows without restraint
cold and soulless like a wax figure
at times rising over the clouds

Hundreds of nights, hundreds of days
All mercilessly sad
All cruelly lonely
All of this was in the Memory of the darklands
Track Name: Save My Soul
The age of magic when you struggle
with the waves of darkness
enfolds you with a haze of sin
The moaning of the condemned reverberates within
you abandon those silver shrines
they want to shroud your mind
with the veil of their black wings

In the grip of death you renounced your god
and arose as a greatness of the human soul
that is how infinity awakens
Track Name: Dark Dynasty
In dark dynasty inside there is a cruel ruling of hell
Over the years dark tales have appeared everywhere
Now those forgotten souls scream your name
from behind the graves
Dark things staring at me
This classic realm is just
another version of hell

Every morning you will wake up
to see your own image in hell
Listen to the devilish anthems
of a shrieking ghost
when the moon is perfectly round
I shall guide us through its arcane past
Black is its soul
Dark is the soil where it haunts upon

The darkness was ahead, fearing and threatening
I think I'm Lost
Yes I'm lost
Cannot describe this horrendous fear
Track Name: The Sinister Apocalypse
The world is turning to ashes
when faith triumphs
the faith of those convinced they believe in nothing
you conceal your dark soul and your filthy thoughts
that spectre of naivety that burns in your eyes
tears the fabric of noble ideas

Overwhelmed by gloom you head towards the
nameless void
your doom dwelling in this deserted city
has become its dungeon vess
the gale is flapping its iron wing
Track Name: Despair Sprawling
Lay dies as an effect that your falled effect inside
you hear me inside then immoral
atmosphere around me

Fear inside me
Can you feel this bitterness?
Despair are rising from the times
Screaming for revenge

Just one more time they set the hatred
I open wounds not healed for ages
In anger I stand
Dripping with blood and burning
Despair spread on the heart
Track Name: Ghostly Night
In the night I die forever
then was a stopping time, as die...

You done to see your own image in hell, as die...
in the road, fade to chose
so cold your hands when the lessons
of suffering more...

What is the Night
who lives with your blood
I was in the ghostly night
Is it the one? you are the key

Now I am your moon,
your stars, your sunrise
We are listening to the nature
from within the silence
walking in the ghostly night

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